Let’s see how Republicans will tap dance their way out of this one

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please scroll to the end of this story for important messages concerning the Buzzfeed report that is referenced below. We don’t typically cover breaking news stories here at The Shinbone Star, relying instead on sister publications with deeper pockets to handle the investigative stuff while we do the insightful, no-holds-barred commentary. But this morning’s […]

‘Witch Hunt’ Knocking on Donald’s Door

Terrible Tuesday, Donald? Your head hurt? Are you tongue-tied? Feeling a little burnt? Yes, this is a “witch hunt,” but it sure isn’t rigged. You’re the “witch,” Donald, and the hunter, Robert Mueller, will soon be knocking on your door in the wake of your once “fixer” Michael Cohen pleading guilty in federal court to violating […]

Oh, how it burns!!!

It was that kind of day for Delusional Don, a day in which his nasty orange phiz took a decidedly pinkish cast after liberal applications of Pepto Bismol. Donnie’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, has been found guilty on eight of 18 counts for assorted financial crimes, while nearly at the same time, Trump’s former […]

The tale of the tape

Lordy, there are tapes! Maybe not the tapes that fired FBI director James Comey hoped for in his appeal to the Almighty. But maybe the tapes that Trump fixer Michael Cohen secretly recorded are the answer to some of our prayers. As you may recall, the FBI raided Cohen’s office back in April and seized […]

Trumplandia: Apr. 14 — 21, 2018

Freak Show Edition APPROVAL ALERT AT PRESS TIME: Gallup Poll: 39% — down from 41% last week Rasmussen Poll: 49% — down from 50% last week Welcome to Trumplandia, a place where with a bit of wit and snark, we keep the world caught up on all of the tasty Nuggets- O-Trump you may have […]