Report shifts focus to wary Democrats now weighing Trump impeachment prospects

  Hold off calls for impeachment! With the release of the long-awaited investigative report from Robert Mueller, questions concerning the impeachment of President Donald Trump are swirling through the Washington press corps and Beltway chattering classes. When the initial burst of euphoria among Trump supporters subsided and as the report’s damning reality began to sink […]

Congress: Time to Dump Totalitarian Trump

There’s a preponderance of evidence — without Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s influencing the 2016 presidential election — for Congress to fulfill its oversight responsibilities and remove Donald J. Trump and his anti-American, immoral, corrupt administration from the White House. Stating it as bluntly as possible, Trump and his acolytes couldn’t care less […]

All is not fair in love, war and politics

What traits do Americans want in their leader? Seems like a fair question since the Democrats appear to be following the 2016 Republican campaign that saw them field 16 candidates. Looks as though Democrats may have 20 in ‘20. Gads. Will the candidate be expected to be honest, ethical, intelligent, share past tax returns, not […]