Congress: Time to Dump Totalitarian Trump

There’s a preponderance of evidence — without Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s influencing the 2016 presidential election — for Congress to fulfill its oversight responsibilities and remove Donald J. Trump and his anti-American, immoral, corrupt administration from the White House. Stating it as bluntly as possible, Trump and his acolytes couldn’t care less […]

All is not fair in love, war and politics

What traits do Americans want in their leader? Seems like a fair question since the Democrats appear to be following the 2016 Republican campaign that saw them field 16 candidates. Looks as though Democrats may have 20 in ‘20. Gads. Will the candidate be expected to be honest, ethical, intelligent, share past tax returns, not […]

What The Hell Is A Democratic Socialist?

It  has suddenly become fashionable among the left wing of the Democratic Party to attach “Socialist” to their political moniker, perhaps in the vain hope it will make their brand of benign political extremism more palatable than Donald Trump’s populist tripe. Very nuovo chic indeed! Self-described benevolent Democratic Socialists like New York’s newly elected Rep.  […]


I don’t own a soapbox. If I did, I’m not sure I could use it to compelling effect. But if I were silver-tongued, here’s my Gettysburg Address. I have a dream — the dream of Gandhi, the dream of Martin Luther King, the dream of change, of justice, of the power of passive resistance. But […]

Missouri Democratic Senator in Horse Race With Trump’s New Golden Boy

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, a two-term Missouri Democrat who is very good at walking the thin line of acceptable “Show Me State” politics is asking senatorial opponent, Attorney General Josh Hawley, to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate a snarky group of right-wing alternate truth seekers called Project Veritas Action. McCaskill last week filed a […]

The Trump Dump: How Pelosi Became President

2019. A landmark year. The year America got its woman president. No, not the woman who won the popular vote in 2016. The new president is Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is far from America’s favorite Democrat, but she was for many months far closer to commander-in-chief than most of us considered. Here’s how it happened. Special […]

Repairing the flag

My husband and I have a weekend cabin in the Texas Hill Country — in a very rural, red, Republican county where more than 56 percent of the voters in the 2016 general election chose the Turnip. (A friend on a diet once told me potatoes and corn are both vegetables and therefore, healthy. That’s […]

America or Russia, Donald? Time to Choose.

Time to put up or shut up, Donald. America or Russia? You choose. Before announcing your decision, however, keep in mind that come November 6, 2018, millions of voters across our country will flood voting booths and cast ballots for candidates of all political stripes who don’t struggle like you do with knowing where their […]

O give me a home

When work moved me to New Jersey from Texas more than 20 years ago, I was coming to a state I’d never visited, one at the bottom of the list of places I ever dreamed I’d end up. In searching for a home, the biggest help was a Walmart road atlas I picked up for […]