Babies and Blockades. A Canadian Tale.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sick of Donald Trump? So are we, so The Shinbone Star’s Canada Bureau Chief decided to give American readers a view of what’s been happening north of the border. Hey, it’s tough all over. By MADMEGSBLOG On Monday,  March 2, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat through a Cabinet meeting while holding a […]

The Biggest Lies: Trump’s Campaign ‘Big Bribes’ (Unkept Promises)

EDITOR’S NOTE: During the run-up to the 2020 presidential sweepstakes The Shinbone Star will highlight Big Lies uttered and promoted by the current occupant of the White House, lies that hurt our country. Today we tackle The Donald’s “big bribes” (unkept promises) offered to many Americans during the 2016 election season. These were payola pledges that helped land him […]

Trump’s Empty Promises Crippling America Financially

It’s abundantly clear that Donald J. Trump was all talk about making America great again during the 2016 presidential campaign and his first two years as the scandal-ridden chief executive of our government. Fact is, Trump is crippling America financially and blaming everyone but himself for the problem created by a businessman who is in […]

The Trump Dump: All Hail King Pyrrhus

Someone needs to introduce Donald Trump to the phrase Pyrrhic Victory. Trump claims victory in his government-paralyzing Wall tantrum. In truth, he gets no Wall and $3 billion less in congressional funding than he could have had a few months ago. That “victory” comes at a cost of many more billions in a month-long hamstrung […]

The Wall: A Failed Campaign Promise and More

No matter how The Donald slices it, The Wall is a failed campaign promise. He can pull money — American taxpayer dollars — from departments or agencies in the federal government to cover construction costs, but Mexico will not pay for the concrete “white elephant” as he promised on the 2016 presidential campaign trail. The […]

The Trump Dump: Trump’s Dumped!

The good news about recent debacles is that it seals Trump’s doom. How so? I’ll get there in a minute. First let’s dispense with any imputation of Trumpian strategy to the pre-Christmas disasters. “Deliberate Chaos” it’s been called, as analysts struggled to find motive and pattern in a week of unparalleled disasters — Wall Street […]

The Trump Dump: China likes him!

Chinese citizens, once terrified to voice their political views, speak freely now, as I learned last week touring three of the country’s (and the world’s) largest cities. At least, they talk freely when commenting on foreign leaders. Political freedom in China? Let’s not get carried away, as was the friend of one of my co-workers […]

The Trump Dump: America The Not-Great

President Donald Trump is determined to make America great again — by selling hats with that message, funding moribund industries, shutting out hard-working immigrants, dismantling health care, environmental and financial safeguards, and reinstituting the tariffs that led to the Great Depression. Not only is Trump incapable of restoring American greatness — it arguably never existed. […]

Got Milk?

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau views himself as the young, hip chancellor of his generation. He doesn’t see that his demeanour and his indecisive political nature actually hurts our country nationally and globally. But who cares when everyone thinks you’re a selfie and social media darling? What does it matter that Canada’s healthcare and immigration […]

Trump Promises Real ‘Enemy of the People’

Donald J. Trump is busy trying to turn public opinion against news media outlets that provide us — on an almost daily blow-by-legal-blow — coverage of his corrupt administration. He has gone so far as to label journalists the enemy of the people. Sorry, Donald, truth be told — and that’s what we do at […]

Trump is steering the Good Ship USA into perilous seas over global trade war

Television news was kind to the Blonde Bomber last weekend for his skill at practicing self-deprecating wit. Lyin’ Donald was at his cunning best captivating the cynical Gridiron crowd with Trumpian witticism. For an evening, the progenitor of blind-side economics was given a human face. Even those who publicly despise the vainglorious madman basked in […]

Trump trade tariffs would hurt bikers, bourbon and blue jeans

Donald Trump’s spontaneous threat to impose huge tariffs on steel and aluminum smacks of the kind of nationalism that appeals to his base. It’s another campaign promise, like the border wall, that he runs to when things get hot in the Oval Office. And last week was downright blistering in Washington. It included this classic […]