Donald J. Trump has finished off the good ol’ days

In June, The Shinbone Star published Trump’s Support For Militarized Policing Can Get You Killed, in part lamenting the practice of American police departments’ use of 12-gauge pump shotguns as the final exclamation point in a crisis. The comments were tangential to an inquiry into why Donald Trump is encouraging vacuous yahoos brandishing military grade […]

Why Is Donald J. Trump Encouraging Fools With Guns To Threaten America?

A headline in The Washington Post on Wednesday screamed, “Armed militia helped a Michigan barbershop open, a coronavirus defiance that puts Republican lawmakers in a bind.” Donald J. Trump’s incessant drum beating has reached enough disenfranchised fools with guns seeking liberation from frustrations they can’t otherwise escape. In their own bizarre way, the raging boys […]

A gun in the top drawer

When I was the editor of The Oakland Tribune back in the 1990s I kept a loaded Glock in my top drawer. I take issue with the blanket news reports that the Annapolis shooting at the Capital Gazette, which killed four journalists and an employee, was a “surprise, a shock.” Newspapers in the ‘90s — and even more so […]

“He said ‘Surprise’ and then he started shooting . . .”

When Parkland, Fla. high school students proclaimed that the February 2018 shooting at their school would be “the last mass shooting,” sadly, we knew it wouldn’t be true. After all this is America, where too many people love their guns more than the life of your child. After another horrific school shooting today, this time […]

A wrap on the NRA’s latest festival of blood

Manuel Oliver is an artist whose son, Joaquin, was among the victims in the Parkland High School massacre. He has become a noted critic of the NRA, the nation’s gun laws and the cowardice of American politicians who won’t stand up to the gun-rights organization and it’s payoffs — uh, campaign contributions. The Shinbone Star […]

Deplorable Ted Nugent sold his soul to the NRA

Yellow-bellied, draft-dodger Ted Nugent is now a board member for the National Rifle Association and has compared Democrats to “rabid coyotes” that should be hunted and shot. “Keep your gun handy,” Ted said, “and every time you see one, you shoot one.” Ted, you will remember, was too cowardly to go to Vietnam. “Took a […]

Emma Gonzalez, like a hurricane

Sometimes the wings of a butterfly can start a hurricane. Emma Gonzalez, the 18-year-old senior and survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 of her classmates and teachers, is that butterfly. Her impassioned 11-minute speech at an anti-gun rally in Fort Lauderdale just two days after […]