Trumplandia: Dec. 8 — 15, 2018

Taken to the Woodshed Edition APPROVAL ALERT AT PRESS TIME: Gallup Poll: 40% — same as last week Rasmussen Poll: 48% — down from 50% last week Welcome to Trumplandia, a place where with a bit of wit and snark, we keep the world caught up on all of the tasty Nuggets-O-Trump you may have […]

Trump’s Tryst With His Russian Buddy Is Suddenly Very Revealing

One has to hand it to ol’ Trumpleforeskin for his foresight. This week the besieged buffoon revealed he hasn’t even read the ultra-sensitive Russian intelligence documents he ordered the Justice Department to declassify. Even though officials at Justice finally prevailed and Trump finally agreed to walk back the request, who would have believed such willingness […]

By the dawn’s early light, no civil war in sight

It’s the day after Independence Day 2018, which means in the dawn’s early light, I wrote this piece in the afterglow of our rockets’ red glare and bombs bursting in air. Whereas Francis Scott Key, author of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” was reflecting on the very real bombardment of Fort McHenry in 1814, earlier this month […]