A peace of shit

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Israel Bureau has been slacking for too long, but with Election Day in the United States quickly approaching, we finally prodded our correspondent and obtained this report. Just one more example of how The Shinbone Star is spanning the globe to bring our readers the latest in anti-Trump content. By ROBERT OTT […]

Trump isn’t a pimple on the nose of Dwight D. Eisenhower

Donald Trump must have heard something about the military-industrial complex since he was outed for slandering dead soldiers and Marines killed in France during World War I. He badly needs some shade from flamed Americans, particularly vets and active-duty military service members. Since Monday, Trump has several times babbled incoherent analogies about how America’s soldiers […]

Only losers and suckers will vote for Trump

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our week in review column, Trumplandia, has been pushed to tomorrow in order to continue uninterrupted coverage of Donald Trump’s disrespect for America’s military. Trumplandia will return to its regular Saturday slot next week. By DEBORAH QUINN HENSEL Americans who died in war are “losers and suckers” according to the commander-in-chief, who never […]

Is it treason yet?

Our sister paper, The Failing New York Times, reported late yesterday that President Donald Trump was briefed back in February that Russian President Vladimir Putin had placed a cash bounty on as many American service members as Taliban forces in Afghanistan could kill. Smart money says that three United States Marines were killed as part […]

Trump’s support for militarized policing just could get you killed

“Soldierin’ and policin’ — they ain’t the same thing.” — Maj. Howard Colvin, “The Wire,” Season 3, Episode 10 Sometimes the best of intentions turns into something ugly. The U.S. Department of Defense’s Section 1033 program, which provides guns and other excess military equipment to local law enforcement agencies, ranks high among the many well-intentioned law-and-order […]

The true meaning of patriotism

My great-uncle, U.S. Marine Corps Private William L. Brasfield, also known as Lee, died long before I was born, but I heard all the stories. As a young man, he enlisted because he believed that was what a patriot was supposed to do. For a while, he wrote fascinating letters home to rural Alabama about […]

Pentagon Says It Isn’t Capable Of The Miracles Trump Promises To Provide

Trillion dollar Pentagon budgets are manna from heaven for the military-industrial complex, but not so much for ordinary Americans. When armed forces Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump promised on television that the military was standing by to provide massive medical aid, he must have been thinking about something else. “The Department of Defense is ready, willing and […]

Can Trump Dance Through Minefields?

Last Friday, the Republican-led Senate repudiated the U.S. Constitution. At the Pentagon, the U.S. renounced an international treaty banning landmines already adopted by 162 countries. At the White House, Donald Trump issued a presidential proclamation banning Nigerians and citizens of five other countries from immigrating to America. His new ban makes citizens from 14 countries […]