Memorial Day, MAGA-style!

America’s Memorial Day weekend just passed and I keep coming back to the same question: How can “Christian” politicians like Vice President Mike Pence and supporters of President Donald Trump honour service members who lost their lives or survived horrific tours of duty in the name of freedom, liberty, democracy while the man they elected president […]

Trump’s Inviolate Gotcha Clause

On this Memorial Day weekend, while Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and rattled President Donald Trump battle over the meaning of the U.S. Constitution, another lopsided contest over presidential power is quietly being waged in Congress. It is the second time this spring that Congress had engaged Trump in a bipartisan attack of House […]

And Then The Persian Gulf Went Boom

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick M. Shanahan, the former Boeing technocrat Donald Trump selected to run the Defense Department, is desperately pounding the Pentagon’s war drums to the dismay of the generals and admirals at the Puzzle Palace who have to send Americans into harm’s way. It is reasonable to assume that Trump is directly behind […]

Trump’s Pit Bull Is Really Mean And Nasty

Trump’s National Security Affairs assistant is former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, the combative former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who sports an anemic walrus mustache and a know-it-all attitude. The Washington Post is claiming the former king of my-way-or- the-highway is knee deep in doo-doo for rushing a U.S. Navy battle group to threaten […]

A Shinbone Star Vituperative Op-Ed

The economic protectionist Peter Navarro, currently the driving force behind U.S. foreign trade policy, said war is good business in a Tuesday New York Times op-ed deifying Donald Trump for keeping open a heavy weapons manufacturing plant in Lima, Ohio. It was a publicity packet for Trump’s Wednesday visit to the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center […]