Into the abyss of unacceptability

Sometimes you get advice you know is good but just can’t follow because you’re a special kind of asshole. That would describe me, and it’s the reason why I can’t just look the other way when I see stupid people doing evil, stupid things. No doubt my life would be easier if I loved my […]

As the outrages pile up, the Empire State strikes back

Oval Office Occupant Donald Trump is a lying, cheating, thieving, racist, traitorous, vile, backstabbing, miserable son of a bitch. And those are his good traits. His insidious war on highly respected (by other than Trump and his worshippers) Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, is another of his “shoot the messenger” tantrums. […]

Not Above the Law

The U.S. Supreme Court decided two landmark rulings on presidential power yesterday that settled the question of the range of the executive branch. In a 7-2 ruling on both matters, the Court ruled Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. can subpoena Mazars USA, an accounting firm hired by Trump, for his financial records as it […]

Freedom is a simple word but hard to accept its meaning

It seems today that Americans of all cultural, religious and political stripes struggle with the meaning of one word that defines our country. Freedom. It seems simple enough. Go to a dictionary. In this case it’s Merriam/Webster’s oft-quoted tome defining words in the English language. Freedom, according to its editors, is: 1: The quality or […]

Our impeached president is a MCP

Those of us who are of a certain age may remember a term that was used to describe men who felt women were their inferiors and were only good for cooking, cleaning and copulation. The phrase was “male chauvinist pig,” often abbreviated to MCP. I haven’t said it or heard it in years, but the […]