It Is Past Time For America To Reject Trump’s Cult Of Personality

Blaming outside forces, racial divide, Deep State conspiracies, puppet masters and Russian intrigue for the man in the White House’s immoral and irretrievably broken administration is to give Donald Trump too much cover. If America’s alleged leaders ever quit dancing to Trump’s tune, focusing blindly on human conditions that can’t be legislated, and begin concentrating on […]

The Dump Trump Dump: Report from the Dictators’ Ball

President (for Life) Trump’s annual Dictators’ Ball at his Mar-A-Lago estate was, by all permitted accounts, a rollicking success. The event was a sellout, though the 500 highly coveted $1 million dollar tickets were restricted to “current and former dictators, their spouses, mistresses, cronies, money-launderers and weapons-suppliers, and Fox News hosts and executives.” As always, […]

Man, that CPAC thing was a crash course in delusion

Barack Obama strode onto the stage at the LDAC — Liberal Democrats Action Conference — and began hugging and humping the American flag near the podium. He then launched into a two hour, invective-laced hate speech directed toward conservatives and the vindictive, failing policies of the Republican Party. Then he . . . Sorry, that was […]

Can These Two Wrongs Make A Right?

Donald Trump shook hands today in Singapore with the vile, murderous president of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. It’s the first time ever that an Oval Office Occupant has ever touched a North Korean president. It will be the handshake of the week. In typical Trump fashion, he grabbed Kim’s right hand and elbow, tugging him […]

Trumplandia: May 5 — 12, 2018

Slush Fund Edition APPROVAL ALERT AT PRESS TIME: Gallup Poll: 42% — same as last week Rasmussen Poll: 49% — down from 51% last week Welcome to Trumplandia, a place where with a bit of wit and snark, we keep the world caught up on all of the tasty Nuggets- O-Trump you may have heard […]

Oh Canada! We are most heartily sorry

Our country is being run by a pathological liar and con man. He needs a complete psychological examination, soon. Just days ago at a fundraiser, Donald Trump flatly admitted that he is a liar and proud of it. The president was in Missouri to raise money for that state’s attorney general, Josh Hawley, who is […]

Temporary reprieve: Fog at DMZ

As Pyscho Donald Trump’s goodwill tour across Asia continues, he has not disappointed. He kissed Saudi ass, insulted the Japanese by telling them they should make cars here and not ship them over. He is obviously unaware that nearly 4 million Japanese autos were made here last year. If there were any doubts about The […]

Trump’s big problem with words

I don’t like being out of step with my left-leaning cohorts here at The Shinbone Star, but this whole Donald-Trump-and-the-Green-Beret thing has left me feeling queasy. Look, I’ve bashed the bejesus out of the Orange Shitstain right along with the best of ‘em, and while I’d dearly love to keep right on bashing him, this […]

Trump’s UN rant leaves Shinbone Star staff feeling ‘totally destroyed’

Donald Trump’s first speech before the United Nations General Assembly was well attended. And it went downhill from there. The speech was promoted as a way world leaders could reconcile Trump’s conflicting statements about the international body. What they got was a long rant filled with bluster and bravado, punctuated with rambling contradictions on why […]