The Big Lies: Tracking Trump’s Attack on America

EDITOR’S NOTE: Special Counsel Robert Mueller might not have found criminal activity connected to Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign or his two-plus years as chief executive of our country, but his investigation did not cover the “Big Lies” uttered and promoted on a daily basis by the current occupant of the White House. During the […]

All is not fair in love, war and politics

What traits do Americans want in their leader? Seems like a fair question since the Democrats appear to be following the 2016 Republican campaign that saw them field 16 candidates. Looks as though Democrats may have 20 in ‘20. Gads. Will the candidate be expected to be honest, ethical, intelligent, share past tax returns, not […]

Can this please be Trump’s third and final season?

As far as failed reality television shows are concerned, when plot lines, dialogue and just plain old stupid and offensive characters start repeating themselves, the end is near. Remember these “great” one season and done television and social media programs from years past? “The Get Down” (2016); “Freak and Geeks” (1999); and “Everything Sucks” (2018). […]