Joe Biden didn’t ‘defend’ actions from his first year in office!

EDITOR’S NOTE: News of the demise of The Shinbone Star have been greatly exaggerated. True, the need for our services were diminished with the advent of the Biden Administration, and most of the staff has been enjoying a well-deserved break from writing about politics. The door has always been open for a return, and staff […]

Please put an end to all this

Even accounting for the fact that my country is led by a flaming dick like none the world has ever seen, that headline in our sister paper, The New York Times, is one I thought I’d never see. Let’s break it down because even after sitting in front of the television all day and watching […]

The road ahead

After four years of the most unqualified creature ever to inhabit the Oval Office, Donald J. Trump has been defeated at the polls. Joseph Biden Jr., after 30 years of trying, becomes President of the United States #46. He was youngest ever to seek the office and oldest to win it. His vice-president will be […]