The room where it happens

THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS Two white supremacists walk into a room Are they friends or are they foes, Yo? They’re world leaders tearing up alliances, but One doesn’t see the other as his bro . . . No. They will most likely talk about sanctions And golden showers while Putin lays out everything he […]

And one more thing, Mr. Taibbi

In my previous post on this blog earlier today, I referenced Matt Taibbi’s concern that those of us who are insisting that we get to the bottom of Russian interference in the 2016 election are experiencing what he termed “Putin Derangement Syndrome.” I hope you read that post, but I return to Mr. Taibbi’s writing […]

Trump and Putin: Dangerous bromance

Just like a stack of nesting Matryoshka dolls, the alleged bromance between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin is a complex, multi-layered, often sordid tale. Peel away the outer shell of one breaking news story about the Trump administration’s connection to Russia and you find another. And another. And another. We can’t […]

From Russia, with . . . love?

At some point during the presidential campaign, political observers began to be concerned about strong connections between the organization that produced The Current President (TCP), and the Russian government, specifically Vladimir Putin. For years, TCP has been in business dealings with his Russian peers, and since he’s an international operator, as are they, most of […]