Racism, carved in stone

By having his personal Fourth of July at Mount Rushmore, Donald Trump seems to have demonstrated a predilection to celebrate himself at public venues connected to racism. Two of the four presidents on the mountain were slaveholders, and all of them are viewed by Native Americans as racist. Trump’s July 3 South Dakota visit was  […]

Joe Biden for president

By SHINBONE STAR EDITORIAL BOARD About a year ago, a crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates held a series of debates, and during one of the most pivotal exchanges, some of Vice President Joe Biden’s past policy decisions were questioned by Sen. Kamala Harris, who figuratively took a high fastball from Biden and parked it […]

Donald Trump’s Divided America in the summer of 2020

This is more than America’s summer of discontent. It’s the summer of Impeached President Donald J. Trump’s vainglory that is dividing and destroying a republic that has stood strong for more than 240 years. Trump’s excessive vanity, his inability and refusal to govern for the good of the country is literally and figuratively killing America. […]


Donald J. Trump and his enablers have their collective knee on the life force of America, and they won’t remove it until our country is dead. R.I.P. George Floyd.

The whole enchilada

We’ve just about covered all the bases here at The Shinbone Star when it comes to Donald Trump and Trumpism. Still, even after 1,284 posts, new subject matter keeps rolling in. Like, for instance, enchiladas. Yes, we’ve touched on the Trumpian “taco bowls” that are served at the edifice in Midtown Manhattan that bears Trump’s […]

At home in the Blue State of Virginia

Not many readers other than my cohorts here at The Shinbone Star even noticed that I’ve been mostly absent from the site I created shortly after Donald Trump took office. Excuses? I have plenty, but will try not to bore you with the whole list. Instead, here’s an abbreviated glimpse of what I’ve been up to. […]

The Wall: A Failed Campaign Promise and More

No matter how The Donald slices it, The Wall is a failed campaign promise. He can pull money — American taxpayer dollars — from departments or agencies in the federal government to cover construction costs, but Mexico will not pay for the concrete “white elephant” as he promised on the 2016 presidential campaign trail. The […]

The Trump Dump: All About That Base

The Base. Who are these people? How can they continue unshakeable in their support of Trump? The answer is more easily found in who they are NOT: Women cannot in good conscience support a man who claims he can fondle their genitals with impunity. Blacks cannot in good conscience support a man who was cited […]