Come down off your high horse, Trump. Flynn’s not ‘a good man.’

Before historians wrap an American flag around convicted liar Michael Flynn based on Impeached President Donald J. Trump’s current campaign to repair the retired general’s public image, it’s important to recall what Flynn did to get fired as national security adviser less than a month into the job. Simply put, Flynn lied to FBI investigators […]

‘Russian’ Republicans Endorse Putin’s (and thus Trump’s) Vision for America

It’s this simple: Republicans who endorse Donald J. Trump’s actions as the current Oval Office occupant support Russia’s takeover of the United States. When they sing along with congressional Republicans that the impeachment inquiry is a “witch hunt,” just another attempt to oust the criminally inclined, wannbe dictator of our country, they are supporting Russia […]

Focus, Congress: Solicitation Is A Crime

Defenders of the mafia-styled crime boss currently occupying the White House — you know who you are, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Rand Paul — deal with this fact: Solicitation for assistance in a domestic political campaign of a foreign national official is a crime. On solicitation, Donald J. Trump hisownself provided the evidence of that […]

Trump’s shameful move in Syria is a chance to blame it on ‘Code Pink’

For more than a week, news feeds have been filling up with rip-n-read stories of betrayal and inconsistency, manic highs, depressive lows, unanticipated reversals, upheavals and humiliating concessions. Donald Trump, Syria, the Kurds, war, ethnic cleansing, well-intentioned lying, benign extortion, moral failure, deeply considered impetuosity, malignant stupidity, and morbid idiocy are all good metadata words […]

Trump and critics flip and flop on Syria

Let me get this straight. Donald J. Trump, 45th Oval Office Occupant, pulled our troops out of Syria, leaving our Kurdish allies open to slaughter by Turkish and Russian troops. Immediately thereafter, we bombed our own ammunition supply area to keep it out of either Kurdish or Turkish hands, even though ignorant Trump knew he […]

No Putin. No Doral. No Way.

Let’s be crystal clear with Donald J. Trump on this one. There is no way, not in our lifetime or Trump’s, that Russia President Vladimir Putin gains entry into our country on the eve of the 2020 presidential elections. It would be like opening the hen house door and inviting the fox to come on […]

Is Lying Donald Puppet Or Fool?

“President Putin outsmarted President Obama,” Lying Donald Trump declared on Monday during his ill-conceived, rambling solo Presidential dissertation of lies and gross distortions following his embarrassing performance at the G-7 economic summit in France. Wow, defending a former Communist intelligence operative and contemporary murder master against a universally admired and frequently lauded former President of […]

The Big Lies: Tracking Trump’s Attack on America

EDITOR’S NOTE: Special Counsel Robert Mueller might not have found criminal activity connected to Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign or his two-plus years as chief executive of our country, but his investigation did not cover the “Big Lies” uttered and promoted on a daily basis by the current occupant of the White House. During the […]

The Dump Trump Dump: Report from the Dictators’ Ball

President (for Life) Trump’s annual Dictators’ Ball at his Mar-A-Lago estate was, by all permitted accounts, a rollicking success. The event was a sellout, though the 500 highly coveted $1 million dollar tickets were restricted to “current and former dictators, their spouses, mistresses, cronies, money-launderers and weapons-suppliers, and Fox News hosts and executives.” As always, […]

Man, that CPAC thing was a crash course in delusion

Barack Obama strode onto the stage at the LDAC — Liberal Democrats Action Conference — and began hugging and humping the American flag near the podium. He then launched into a two hour, invective-laced hate speech directed toward conservatives and the vindictive, failing policies of the Republican Party. Then he . . . Sorry, that was […]

American Oligarch: Donald Trump

Oligarch (definition): A very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence. Oligarchy (definition): A small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.  Donald J. Trump is the American oligarch, not president of the United States. He has turned our country into an oligarchy — not a dictatorship or […]