Trumplandia: March 21 — 28, 2020

Sleight of Hand Edition APPROVAL ALERT AT PRESS TIME: FiveThirtyEight Poll: 45.8% — up from 43.2% last week Rasmussen Poll: 46% — same as last week Welcome to Trumplandia, a place where with a bit of wit and snark, we keep the world caught up on all of the tasty Nuggets-O-Trump you may have heard […]

Cadet Bone Spurs finally gets his war

Our draft dodging, cowardly Hitler wannabe “Bone Spurs,” Donnie Trump has finally gotten us into the war that political writers warned us about in 2016. Top military commander Qasem Soleimani was killed during a Trump ordered air strike at Baghdad airport early Friday, Iraq time. Soleimani, who was widely seen as the second most powerful […]