The Wall: A Failed Campaign Promise and More

No matter how The Donald slices it, The Wall is a failed campaign promise. He can pull money — American taxpayer dollars — from departments or agencies in the federal government to cover construction costs, but Mexico will not pay for the concrete “white elephant” as he promised on the 2016 presidential campaign trail. The […]

Republicans line up at the trough

One thing I learned this year is that prayer doesn’t work. I already knew that, so it wasn’t a shock or any such, just an affirmation, I suppose. My absolutely sound, unshakable foundation for this rock-solid postulation is the continued existence of Psycho Donald “Jerkoff” Trump, Oval Office Occupant, and the Republican Congress. The GOP is […]

Hello, cupcake

When a big-time college sports team beats up on a school that can’t compete with it, the losing school is called a “cupcake.” Sometimes that’s unfair, as when Troy went into Baton Rouge, Louisiana, this fall and beat LSU. But usually it’s a slaughter. The term cupcake wasn’t always in use. When I was a […]