The big stench has left Washington, but plenty of little stenches remain

EDITOR’S NOTE: Although The Shinbone Star is winding down its daily operation, some staff members still haven’t gotten the bad taste out of their mouths. Readers can expect random expostulations at least until the bile settles. By FRED BUNCH Most Republican senators say they won’t vote to impeach the deranged creature who incited a riot […]

Some parting words for Trump supporters

The Trump administration, no doubt the most corrupt in the history of the Republic, screeches to a halt in a matter of hours. At noon today, in accordance with the Constitution, Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Devi Harris will be sworn in as the president and vice president of the United States. The Trump Administration, […]

Impeachment 2.0

With the U.S. House of Representatives just voting to impeach Donald Trump a record second time, our pathetic orange führer has learned the hard way that inciting a violent insurrection against your own government is generally not considered a good thing. No student of history or much of anything else, Trump is reportedly a lot […]

Some changes I’d like to see

The Constitution lays out very minimal requirements for the highest offices in the land. A president or vice president must be at least 35 years old, a “natural born” citizen, and a 14-year inhabitant of the United States. You need better credentials than that to get a job at McDonald’s. In fact, the people who’ve […]

Please put an end to all this

Even accounting for the fact that my country is led by a flaming dick like none the world has ever seen, that headline in our sister paper, The New York Times, is one I thought I’d never see. Let’s break it down because even after sitting in front of the television all day and watching […]


AMERICA’S DAY OF SHAME A mob of unruly protesters has taken over the U.S. Capitol as senators and representatives debated the Electoral College vote confirming the election of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States. The 45th president, meanwhile, sat in the Oval Office and watched the proceedings after egging on the […]

Is Trump Nuts Or Crazy Like A Fox?

The crafty grifter hanging onto the White House by his fingernails would have you believe he is totally insane. During a report Monday from the White House, CNN correspondent John Harwood reported, “The President himself is a kook.” While Harwood’s latent discovery is not earthshaking, it may be the first time a CNN reporter — […]