The Wall: A Failed Campaign Promise and More

No matter how The Donald slices it, The Wall is a failed campaign promise. He can pull money — American taxpayer dollars — from departments or agencies in the federal government to cover construction costs, but Mexico will not pay for the concrete “white elephant” as he promised on the 2016 presidential campaign trail. The […]

The Trump Dump: Why We Need a Wall

Like any red-blooded American I want to help our president. Because he’s the president he deserves everything he wants. This is, after all, not a democracy and hasn’t been for some time. Right now Beloved Ruler is having a hard time convincing anyone that a border wall is needed. He hasn’t helped the cause with […]

No crib for a bed

In a few short days, Christians will celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ, a Middle Eastern child born to an unmarried teenage mother and a man who was not the baby’s father. Many American Christians, especially those who support Donald Trump, seem to overlook the most significant parts of the story. It’s as if they […]

Guarding The Wall of Shame

Before Trumplandian gunslingers line up at their local National Guard recruiting office for an opportunity to blow away the army of pesky brown people coming in waves from Central America to usurp American sovereignty, they should take a deep breath. The American Commander and Thief’s plan to “seal the border” with 4,000 weekend warriors is […]

Springtime For The Donald — The Wall

EDITOR’S NOTE: Part two of a five-part series examining the ease with which all that we hold dear can be hijacked and turned against us in the blink of an eye. Today, we look at the president’s, shall we say, “casual” relationship with the truth and how he weaponized his storytelling to catapult himself into 1600 […]