Cold War Redux

Donald Trump and his dear friend Vladimir Putin are once again running neck-and-neck to inflame as many extremists and like-minded loonies they can round up to fuel their increasingly desperate battles for personal survival. MAGA Man intentionally exacerbated the dreadful situation in eastern Europe after the Russian invasion of Ukraine by describing Putin’s unprovoked invasion […]


With the Golden Grifter crouching behind a legal wall he hopes will withstand the flood of recriminations soon coming his way, I’m reminded of an old saying in post-World War II Germany, “Alles kaput.” We have a little time to kill before the House January 6 Committee reconvenes or the former president is hauled before […]

The Case of the Golden Grifter

Dashiell Hammett would be proud. Anybody who ever watched a TV episode of Perry Mason, read Hammett’s books or watched “The Maltese Falcon,” was touched by him. The world was better place when hard-boiled Sam Spade, “The Thin Man’s” debonair Nick and Nora Charles, and comic strip character “Secret Agent X-9” brought colorful culprits to […]

Discretionary spending is a grift

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has reportedly suggested that Social Security and Medicare be eliminated as federal entitlement programs, instead becoming discretionary programs approved annually by Congress. It is outside the scope of this article to point out that Johnson remains one of Trump’s most avid supporters and Big Lie tellers.   Imagine Johnson’s proposal for […]

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road ?

Before being dubbed Fistpump McRunpants by fellow Republican Congressman Adam Kitziner (R) Illinois., for running away from rioters during the failed Jan 6. 2021 insurrection, Josh Hawley was a phony from Missouri whose glib bullshit made him the Show Me State’s junior senator. After graduating from Stanford University in 2002 and Yale Law in 2006, […]

Selling Slaughter in America

Monday was the 246th anniversary of American freedom for all. The concept isn’t working out so well these days. The nation’s most patriotic holiday was celebrated during an inauspicious beginning to the year, a year that truly defines what America has become. Abortion, gun ownership, wars, inflation, climate change, immigration, women’s right to privacy, and […]