Sharia Law, American version

Donald Trump’s most vocal Дурак*, the former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich, has been preaching the horrors of Sharia Law for years.** Funny thing happened on the way to Trump’s presidency: The self-empowered core of Trump supporters that put an aspiring fascist in office — 81 percent of white evangelicals — are now attempting to ram […]

10 Reasons Why I Love Trump

That might seem like a strange headline. Perhaps even tinted with shades of clickbait. Fine. It is clickbait. Nobody could possibly find ONE reason to love Trump, let alone 10. Yet as I sit here drinking Trump Vodka, admiring my degree from Trump University, eating Trump Steaks (medium rare) and re-watching every episode of The […]

The Trump guide to celebrating holidays. Bigly.

With the confluence of two major religious holidays this month, it’s been a difficult few weeks for 45 and The Gang that Couldn’t Speak Straight. First, Press Secretary and one-time Easter Bunny Sean Spicer suggested, during Passover, that Hitler had not used chemical weapons on his own people, seemingly forgetting the millions of Jews who […]

‘A New Sheriff In Town’

“There’s a new sheriff in town,” Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley crowed after Donald Trump’s April 7 Syrian missile attack, when 59 or 60 Tomahawk cruise rockets hit around a relatively uninhabited air field. Six people were killed, according to Syrian sources. (“Where’s that box of badges?”) But what this Yankee lawman doesn’t understand is […]

Few reasons for optimism today

I like to think of myself as an optimist. A “glass-is-half-full” kind of guy. But looking out at the political landscape, there is simply no way to break the path we’re on without massive social changes, which will come neither easily nor without pain. Why the pessimistic outlook? Look at what’s transpired to put us […]