The Morning After, an Ocean Away

Editor’s note: While most of us at The Shinbone Star are indeed ex-journalists, one or two in our midst may provide a glimpse of journalism’s future. When I left for my semester abroad in the Netherlands, I fully expected to return to a country boasting its first female president. Traveling only reinforced this belief. When I […]

Why does he hate America?

An open letter to the 45th president of the United States Sir: Why do you hate America so much, when this country has been so good to you? What went wrong in your life to make you the mean-spirited, vindictive, bigoted creature you are today? You were born one of the most privileged humans on […]

No sympathy for willful ignorance

With the “compassionate” Trump budget ready to starve ancient Aunt Mathilda and Uncle Bo, along with bratty Cousin Timmy and his bothersome preschool breakfasts, I admit I’m not feeling very compassionate myself these days. I’ve read ass-chapping narratives that those of us who voted for Hillary Clinton in the past election should feel sorry for […]

Your president may be making you sick

When listening to people (sentient adults who actually voted) talk about the evil clown who somehow wormed his way into the Oval Office, I hear them say they’re angry about the way he’s rolled back critical regulations protecting our waterways and our bank accounts. I hear them say they’re disgusted with his Cabinet choices. And […]