Let’s see how Republicans will tap dance their way out of this one

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please scroll to the end of this story for important messages concerning the Buzzfeed report that is referenced below. We don’t typically cover breaking news stories here at The Shinbone Star, relying instead on sister publications with deeper pockets to handle the investigative stuff while we do the insightful, no-holds-barred commentary. But this morning’s […]

Is Ellen the anti-Trump?

A year-old tweet by Eric Trump has recently made the rounds on Facebook for some reason. In it, he posited that Ellen DeGeneres is part of the “Deep State” that is looking to overthrow his father’s administration. It seems he drew this conclusion when Twitter suggested that he follow DeGeneres, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. […]

The wit and wisdom of the Great Bloviator

He wants his speeches to be compared to Abraham Lincoln’s. “Honest” Abe. He’s even tried to channel Lincoln. Trying to morph his speech into a Gettysburg Address. It went poorly. Speaking to supporters in September 2018 at Billings, Montana, “Dishonest” Donald Trump declared that his speeches will go down in history for being as great […]