He Won, We Lost; Time to Get Busy

For the Bully President and his henchmen it’s all about winning, and they’re 4-0 in this year’s special election season. He won’t soon let any of us who seek sanity and dignity in our government forget that he won and we lost. Clearly the mood in the country hasn’t changed since November. The Russian hacking — […]

Reporters notebook: The madness never stops

Who’s a witch? Donald Trump should know all about witch hunts. His mentor, the man he admired most, the one who taught him about counterpunching and a rocket-fueled defense, is the thankfully deceased Roy Cohn. And it was Cohn, chief counsel to Sen. Joe McCarthy, who put the bitch in witch hunts, terrorizing communist sympathizers, […]

Who says history can’t repeat itself?

The 45th anniversary of the Watergate break-in brought spooky parallels to Richard Nixon’s firing of special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Rumors rumors swirled about the 45th occupant of the Oval Office and his unhappiness with Russiagate special prosecutor Robert Mueller. This stuff is too wacky for a cranky old cynic who lived through the “Tricky Dicky” […]

We the People Need to Take Back Our Government

It’s time for we the people to take back our government. No, not through trying to find candidates to run in traditional party primaries and then general elections. That system of filling out lawmaking bodies designed to keep our country running is worn out and currently operated by folks intent only on winning elections, not representing […]

Don’s Cabinet meeting was a spectacle to behold

In a spectacle unmatched in Washington D.C. journalistic history, Donald Trump recently  held the most bizarre meeting of his complete Cabinet in the history of the nation. Hell, maybe even the world! Surrounded by his apparently dazed and brainwashed Cabinet, he listened approvingly as each member publicly expressed sincere and loving thanks for the privilege […]