How about some cheese, rat?

When our humble editor-in-chief told us he was going to pull something together to support The Boston Globe, most of us at The Shinbone Star couldn’t wait to stand up for the journalism and our sister publication. Earlier this month, Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor of The Globe’s editorial page, called on newspapers across the […]

In defense of your right to know

Editor’s Note: The Shinbone Star today joins hundreds of America’s newspapers by participating in a call for editorials defending the vital role of a free press in our democracy.  By  SHINBONE  STAR  EDITORIAL  BOARD Longtime journalists expect a certain amount of abuse. We work for hours on a story or a beautiful page layout that later in the […]

It only takes one bozo

The jet-setting dapper dandy from small potatoes Connecticut who used his burning ambition to be someone, certainly is a someone of the moment. Today his case goes to a jury of 12 people from around Alexandria, Va. The city is currently a Democratic bastion, but that can change in the region’s volatile politics that are […]

N-words, D-words and oh WTF words

Omarosa Manigault Newman, fired/resigned Donald Trump staff member, has written a controversial insider book, “Unhinged.” This is the book she promised to write during an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and it allegedly recounts scenes of Trump White House madness throughout his turbulent first year. Omarosa was once a contestant on Delusional Donald’s faux-reality […]

Trump diddles while California burns

Milquetoast vice-Oval Office Occupant Mike Pence was stumping for Delusional Donald Trump’s “Space Force” last week. He’s urging Congress to spend billions of dollars to create an army to protect Americans from gay space aliens or something. Pundits are having a blast with this wacky delusion. Here are just a couple: “Space Farce.” and “I […]

Lost In Space Comes To The Pentagon

With an announcement that sent asteroids off predicted trajectories, space cadet and great interstellar explorer Donald “Captain Bone Spurs” Trump added another dimension to the largest and most powerful military force on the planet. As of today the United States of America has a nascent sixth branch of the military – the U.S. Space Force. […]