No lie, Barr tells Senate committee, ‘I Talked to Bob.’

Attorney General Bill Barr claimed this morning during testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee he didn’t lie in early April when he told a sitting senator he was not aware of dissatisfaction among Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team concerning Barr’s March 24 summary of the Mueller report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. […]

The Big Lies: Trump Fills the ‘Swamp’ With ‘Alligators’

EDITOR’S NOTE: During the run-up to the 2020 presidential sweepstakes — hopefully without any interference from Russian operatives promoting Trump’s re-election bid — The Shinbone Star will highlight Big Lies uttered and promoted on a daily basis by the current occupant of the White House and provide commentary on new “whoppers” that hurt the working men and women […]

‘Prayer of the Children’

Three Dog Night — yes, the ’60s-’70s rock band of “One (Is the Loneliest Number)” fame — performed in Pensacola, Fla, last night. After more than an hour spent running through their “book” of hits from years gone by, they returned to the stage and silenced the crowd with an a capella rendition of Kurt […]

The Big Lies: Tracking Trump’s Attack on America

EDITOR’S NOTE: Special Counsel Robert Mueller might not have found criminal activity connected to Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign or his two-plus years as chief executive of our country, but his investigation did not cover the “Big Lies” uttered and promoted on a daily basis by the current occupant of the White House. During the […]

Congress: Time to Dump Totalitarian Trump

There’s a preponderance of evidence — without Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s influencing the 2016 presidential election — for Congress to fulfill its oversight responsibilities and remove Donald J. Trump and his anti-American, immoral, corrupt administration from the White House. Stating it as bluntly as possible, Trump and his acolytes couldn’t care less […]

Can this please be Trump’s third and final season?

As far as failed reality television shows are concerned, when plot lines, dialogue and just plain old stupid and offensive characters start repeating themselves, the end is near. Remember these “great” one season and done television and social media programs from years past? “The Get Down” (2016); “Freak and Geeks” (1999); and “Everything Sucks” (2018). […]