Trump Launches Desperate Military Distraction

Desperate times for the Bully President call for breaking another campaign promise: getting our armed forces out of Afghanistan, the longest running war in our nation’s history. Donald J. Trump campaigned hard on a theme of pulling our troops out of that Middle Eastern country in order to focus on his “America First” agenda. Scratch that off […]

Senators should vote ‘No Confidence’ now

The abomination that is the Trump administration needs to receive a loud rebuke from Congress, not just a legislative defeat. A vote of “no confidence” by the U.S. Senate to the Bully President and his cabal focused on their inability to provide leadership at home or abroad needs to happen now. Given his latest round […]

Moderates: It’s time to unite under MAP and Old Glory

It’s time to establish the Moderate American Party, or MAP in the short-handed way we traditionally refer to political organizations in our country. Its logo? The American flag; no donkeys or elephants or other animal need be considered to represent this fledgling concept of a serious, thoughtful, legitimate third party. If the current disruptive and […]

We Are the Boss of You, Mr. President

Note to the current occupant of the Oval Office at the White House. We, the people of the United States of America, are the boss of you, Mister Bully President. No doubt about it. The President — and all elected officials for that matter — need to act responsibly on our behalf. You do not […]

What Will We Celebrate This July 4?

A week before communities across the country stage July 4 firework extravaganzas, we need to ask an important question and deliver an honest answer to ourselves, our families and friends: What will we celebrate on that historic date in 2017? It could be we salute 241 years of independence from the Mother Country, England, and all the […]