Trump Is the ‘Ugly American’

EDITOR’S NOTE: For the next few days The Shinbone Star will be republishing material that until now appeared exclusively on our dedicated Facebook page. If you’ve already read this article, please forgive us and rest assured that fresh copy is on the way. Since Jan. 20, 2017, anyone who looked up the phrase “ugly American” in a dictionary […]

Mr. Trump: If You Love Our Country, Resign Now

Mr. Trump: After another mind-numbing day of revelations concerning alleged illegal and immoral activities by you and members of your administration, I want to strongly suggest you resign the presidency and spare us any further fear that your selfish and often thoughtless actions will adversly impact our country. Enough with the porn star legal battle […]

Donald Trump and the five stages of grief

Watching election night results on Nov. 8, 2016 didn’t put me in the hospital the next day, two blood clots in my lungs accomplished that life-threatening moment. Spending countless hours that same night tuned to CNN, however, as bankrupt casino operator and reality television personality Donald J. Trump inexplicably gained access to the White House, […]