Time to ‘Watergate-Up’ the Probe Into Russian Hacking of 2016 Election

Devin Nunes is no Howard Baker and never will be. California Republican Nunes is chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee looking into the Russian e-mail hacking/influence peddling controversy surrounding the 2016 presidential election. Tennessee Republican Baker was vice chairman of the Select Committee charged with getting to the bottom of the 1972 break-in of Democratic […]

Trump and Organized Crime: What’s the Rest of the Story?

Long before reports of Russian connections started dogging him, the Bully President spent hours with federal law enforcement types trying to explain away his association with known mafia types as he scrambled to keep his flailing business empire afloat. The closed-door encounters with investigators spanned decades. The content of these conversations coupled with exhaustive research […]

Mr. Trump: Stop the Madness, Please

As the media endlessly reported on the Bully President’s baseless Twitter rant concerning former President Obama over the past weekend, I realized no one in his inner circle has enough toughness to make him end his obsession with continuing as a self-proclaimed reality TV star — “the greatest of all time” (apologies to the late, truly great […]

‘Teleprompter Trump’ or ‘Nonsensical Ravings Tweeter;’ Who’s the president?

“Teleprompter Trump” stayed on message last night, carefully reading the scripted rhetoric provided by some talented speech writers and milking — as any good media pitchman would — key message points that produced rounds of standing ovations from GOP lawmakers. For a little more than an hour, Trump acted in his Bully President style, smirking at times […]