Student Body Right

The Green Bay Packers of the ’60s ran the “Lombardi” or ‘”Power Sweep.” The Washington Football Team (formerly known as a racist slur) ran the “Counter Trey.” The University of Southern California (USC) ran a play called “Student Body Right,” most notoriously for halfback O.J. Simpson. You know they’re going to run that play. They […]

Domestic terrorists don’t make America great again

White people are killing Americans to “save America.” What is white America going to do about it? The President knows investigations from the House of Representatives and various federal, state and local jurisdictions are closing in and he will inevitably face justice. He’s in the bunker and rather than surrender he has decided to burn […]

Someone Needs to Punch Donald Trump in His Mouth

  The Democrats better SHOW black and brown folks how they’re gonna kick Donald Trump’s ass because he is trying to start some serious shit and he is desperate enough to do crazy stuff. Don’t talk policy, talk shit. While Congressional Oversight continues and various jurisdictions investigate Trump, party Democrats not involved in oversight or […]