Only women bleed

As you’ve no doubt heard, a nurse who worked at the Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla, Ga., has charged that an unusually high number of hysterectomies have been performed on immigrant women who are being held there after being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The center is run by a private company […]

Our impeached president is a MCP

Those of us who are of a certain age may remember a term that was used to describe men who felt women were their inferiors and were only good for cooking, cleaning and copulation. The phrase was “male chauvinist pig,” often abbreviated to MCP. I haven’t said it or heard it in years, but the […]

Our Pandemic Playlist

As the COVID-19 shutdown continues, many of us are finding solace in music. The Shinbone Star staff has come up with a dozen favorite songs that are helping get us through. Some of these tunes have taken on a special meaning in this pandemic crisis. Others are here just because we like them. And if some of […]

Gag me with a spoon: The Gaggy Awards

In its three years and nearly four months, the current administration has produced more than its share of questionable statements. But some of the stuff emanating from 45 and his supporters lately has made me think that MAGA now stands for MAKE AMERICANS GAG AGAIN. Since the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the country and brought […]

Don’t get fooled again

This is for the Trump voters. Most of you are good, hard-working Americans who wanted what was best for your families and your country. I’m not going to insult you, lecture you, or belittle your intelligence or education. I am not going to suggest that you’re a bigot. I’m going to assume you had a […]

The All-Purpose Generic Trump Briefing

Maybe you’re tired of President Donald J. Trump’s long-winded coronavirus briefings, in which he contradicts the experts, insults the press and brags as usual about his own wonderfulness. But you keep watching because you’re afraid he’ll say something important (spoiler alert: he won’t) and you’ll miss it. So here, as a public service, I present […]

New York Stock Exchange Disaster 2020

Back in 1967, before they went disco, the Australian group the Bee Gees released their first American single, “New York Mining Disaster 1941.” Inspired by a devastating landslide at a mine in South Wales a year earlier, the song told the story from the viewpoint of trapped miners hoping to be rescued. It occurred to […]

Silent spring

No March madness. No joy in Mudville, at least not for a while. The NBA has suspended its season after a player tested positive for COVID-19, and the National Hockey League’s season is now over. St. Patrick’s Day parades from Donald J. Trump’s hometown of New York City to Joe Biden’s native Scranton, Pa., have […]

‘Look what you made me do’

It is estimated that fewer than half of all incidents of domestic abuse go unreported by the victims, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey administered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. One possible reason is fear of retribution. The victim is worried about what their angry, resentful partner might do if they get arrested […]

All hail King Donald

“Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying, He hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses?” — Matthew 26:65, King James Version On Friday afternoon, the Republican majority in the Senate voted against hearing any witnesses before they will deliver their verdict at the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump. Chief Justice […]

Cleaning up after the elephants

It’s all over except for the trash. Wildwood, New Jersey, the scene of President Trump’s latest rally/pity party on Tuesday night, woke up to a massive headache on Wednesday as city workers labored to clean up the mess left by thousands of people who had come to town for the event. Trump supporters started descending […]

How to attend a Trump rally

Being a good, patriotic American, I was excited when I learned that our own President Trump will be holding one of his rallies in my home state of New Jersey. So of course I jumped at the chance to register online for a free ticket for the rally, which takes place tonight in the beach […]

Rally Round the Flag-hugger, Boys

With his acquittal all but sewn up by Moscow Mitch and his fellow enablers in the Senate, Donald J. Trump takes his victory tour to New Jersey next week. Trump isn’t heading to his golf club in bucolic Bedminster, however. He’s taking his act to the oceanfront resort of Wildwood, best known for its beaches […]

Alice in Trumplandia: The King’s trial

Alice fell down, down, down the rabbit hole for what seemed like hours. She finally came to rest in the gallery of the Senate chambers, where the Mocked Turtle was waiting for faithful old Graham, the King’s sheepdog, to assemble the flock. As the sheep took their places, Alice looked around. She was pleased to […]

Trump dishonors Veterans Day

Donald Trump’s scheduled appearance at today’s Veterans Day parade in New York City mocks every man and woman who has ever worn the uniform of our armed forces. A man who got out of serving in Vietnam by getting a doctor to write a phony letter about “bone spurs,” a man whose two able-bodied sons […]