Ode to Presidents Day

On this winter day, we honor the presidents, All of the Oval Office’s residents. All 45 of them, each one a man Who held the highest office in the land. We pay homage today to the best and the worst, Georges 41 and 43, as well as George the First. Honest Abe Lincoln, who could […]

Is Ellen the anti-Trump?

A year-old tweet by Eric Trump has recently made the rounds on Facebook for some reason. In it, he posited that Ellen DeGeneres is part of the “Deep State” that is looking to overthrow his father’s administration. It seems he drew this conclusion when Twitter suggested that he follow DeGeneres, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. […]

A roadblock on the Flight to Egypt

Sometime in the early years of the Common Era, when Egypt was under Roman rule, a desperate young family petitioned for asylum. Their fate hinged on the whim of Prefect Donaldus, who had been appointed by the emperor to govern Egypt. Recently, a scroll has come to light that contains a transcript of the prefect’s […]

No crib for a bed

In a few short days, Christians will celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ, a Middle Eastern child born to an unmarried teenage mother and a man who was not the baby’s father. Many American Christians, especially those who support Donald Trump, seem to overlook the most significant parts of the story. It’s as if they […]

The 12 Days of Mueller

On the first day of Christmas, Robert Mueller gave to me: The head of the Trump fam’ly tree. On the second day of Christmas, Robert Mueller gave to me: Two porn stars And the head of the Trump fam’ly tree. On the third day of Christmas, Robert Mueller gave to me: Three young Trumps Two porn […]