The Trump guide to celebrating holidays. Bigly.

With the confluence of two major religious holidays this month, it’s been a difficult few weeks for 45 and The Gang that Couldn’t Speak Straight. First, Press Secretary and one-time Easter Bunny Sean Spicer suggested, during Passover, that Hitler had not used chemical weapons on his own people, seemingly forgetting the millions of Jews who […]

My inbox runneth over

The Democratic National Committee needs my help. Keith Ellison, the deputy chair of the committee, e-mailed me today to tell me so. “So I’m gonna ask you for a favor,” he writes.  “Tomorrow is the first quarterly deadline of 2017, and I want to make sure we give it everything we’ve got between now and […]

Why does he hate America?

An open letter to the 45th president of the United States Sir: Why do you hate America so much, when this country has been so good to you? What went wrong in your life to make you the mean-spirited, vindictive, bigoted creature you are today? You were born one of the most privileged humans on […]

A few choice words about choice

The Deplorables in the Cabinet and Congress have embraced choice in a big way lately. Not reproductive choice, silly. They’re still adamant that the moment Mr. Sperm meets Ms. Egg, the woman becomes just a host organism, and if she didn’t want to be pregnant, why did she have sex? But when it comes to […]

Where are all the grown-ups?

This blog entry is going to get personal. I was born on an Election Day (in an off-year), and as a child I looked forward to seeing the political conventions on TV. They were more suspenseful affairs then, with talk of smoke-filled rooms and backroom deals. The result, of course, was always that two white […]

Potty Politics

Headline from yesterday’s New York Times: “Trump Rescinds Rules on Bathrooms for Transgender Students.” Just like that, transgender kids, who deserve not to be used as political fodder, have been stripped of the basic right to use the bathroom at school. One wonders where Caitlin Jenner, nee Bruce, stands on this. If Trump has his way, […]

The Presidential Participation Prize

Presidents’ Day weekend — a three-day car sale extravaganza capped with a federal holiday — is the participation trophy of patriotic celebrations. All you have to do to be honored is to serve as president — whether you were a great one, like George Washington; a merely decent one, like George H.W. Bush, or a […]