Hail to the sadist in chief

If “mental cruelty” were grounds for impeachment, 45 would be long gone. Not since Vlad the Impaler, the 15th century Wallachian ruler who was the inspiration for Dracula, has a leader taken such obvious delight in skewering his enemies and leaving their bodies to rot for all to see. Vlad did it literally, impaling his […]

It just wasn’t 45’s day

Presidents’ Day is the participation trophy of holidays. Established in 1971 under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, the day is observed on the third Monday of February, between the birthdays of two of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln on Feb. 12 and George Washington on Feb. 22. Both days had been legal holidays in some […]

Snowflakes of the world, unite!

Here at the Jersey Shore,  Thursday’s blizzard dumped so much snow that I cannot open my front door. The wind and huge, swirling flakes have created near white-out conditions. The governor has declared a state of emergency. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I have been on Facebook for much of the day and have not […]

More men behaving badly

Two liberal media outlets fired their biggest stars Wednesday in the wake of charges of improper sexual behavior, and of course our president couldn’t contain his glee at the downfall of one of them, longtime “Today” anchor Matt Lauer. The “Today” show on NBC started with an announcement by co-host  Savannah Guthrie that Lauer had […]

Thou shalt not mention gun control

It’s Sunday morning in America. Christians of every denomination are going to church, where they will no doubt offer prayers for the victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting. They might even pray for the murderer who was able to mow down hundreds of people before ending his own life. But will they pray for […]

Nasty business

The mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, a woman named Carmen Yulin Cruz, pleaded on Friday for help for her hurricane-ravaged island somewhere in the middle of a big ocean. “I will do what I never thought I was going to do. I am begging, begging anyone who can hear us to save us from […]