The death of noblesse oblige

It used to be that people who had great wealth, especially those who had inherited the money rather than making it themselves, would practice something called noblesse oblige. The French phrase literally means “nobility obliges”; these days we might say “Pay it forward.” The idea was that the rich and/or powerful had a duty to […]

A golf cart on the green? Oh, the humanity!

Well, 45 has really done it now. The president finally committed what many view as an unpardonable act, and in so doing has managed to alienate many of those who might otherwise be expected to support him, namely the well-heeled country club set. So what pushed these worthy squires over the edge? Was it one […]

The wedding crasher

President Trump, who loves weddings so much that he’s had three of them himself, has taken to crashing receptions held at his country clubs. Just last weekend alone, while ensconced at the Trump National club in Bedminster, N.J., it’s been reported that he bestowed his presence on at least one nuptial celebration. There have also […]

Dear Berkeley: You really shouldn’t have

I really wish Berkeley Breathed hadn’t done that. In case you don’t know, the Pulitzer-winning Bloom County cartoonist posted an official-looking letter on his Facebook page last week, purportedly signed by President Trump’s lawyer,  Marc E. Kasowitz. The letter threatened legal action unless Breathed removed images of the president and First Lady from his social […]

Close encounters of the deplorable kind

“Honk if you support Trump,” say some of the signs being waved — along with American flags and Blue Lives Matter flags — at a small but noisy pro-45 rally held Saturday at a busy intersection in my town. I’m stopped at a red light. My passenger and I notice a few things — the scarcity of women […]

How much longer?

“So,” my friend says when I answer the phone, “how much longer do you think this guy will be president?” I say he’ll never resign, Congress is too timid to impeach him, and they’ve enrolled the kid in a school in Maryland so it looks like Trump is entrenched for now. But I can hear […]