Trump dishonors Veterans Day

Donald Trump’s scheduled appearance at today’s Veterans Day parade in New York City mocks every man and woman who has ever worn the uniform of our armed forces. A man who got out of serving in Vietnam by getting a doctor to write a phony letter about “bone spurs,” a man whose two able-bodied sons […]

The GOP goes slumming

The Republican Party, once an honorable political force that brought us Lincoln and Eisenhower, has been taken over by a slumlord. With his recent tweet calling “Never-Trump” Republicans “human scum,” the current occupant of the White House has proven that he hasn’t strayed far from his roots as a slumlord and the son of a […]

An open letter to the people of Finland

Dear Finland: Please accept our apologies for what happened at the White House on Wednesday. Your popular and well-respected president, Sauli Niinisto, got caught up in the craziness of the man who currently occupies our presidency. Niinisto deserves better, as do we all. The Washington Post reports that your media likened the day’s events to a […]

The mouth that roars

Our president’s big mouth may really have gotten him into trouble this time. The Washington Post and other sources reported earlier this week that a communication between Donald Trump and a foreign leader included a promise from Trump that was so troubling, it led an official in the Intelligence Community to file a whistleblower complaint. […]

The answer to their prayers

Much has been written, by the Christian author John Pavlovitz and others, about the steadfast support Donald Trump continues to enjoy among Evangelical leaders and many of their followers. There would seem to be a gaping disconnect between Trump’s behavior and what the Evangelicals profess to believe. I was discussing this conundrum via Facebook Messenger […]

With friends like these

I have an active Facebook presence, so it doesn’t surprise me when someone from my past sends me a “friend” request. What does surprise me, though, is how vitriolic some of these folks – who knew me In Real Life – can be when they discover that our politics are not simpatico and that in […]