Close encounters of the deplorable kind

“Honk if you support Trump,” say some of the signs being waved — along with American flags and Blue Lives Matter flags — at a small but noisy pro-45 rally held Saturday at a busy intersection in my town. I’m stopped at a red light. My passenger and I notice a few things — the scarcity of women […]

How much longer?

“So,” my friend says when I answer the phone, “how much longer do you think this guy will be president?” I say he’ll never resign, Congress is too timid to impeach him, and they’ve enrolled the kid in a school in Maryland so it looks like Trump is entrenched for now. But I can hear […]

The poetic presidency (satire alert)

It is a little known fact that our current president likes to dabble in poetry. His latest obsession is haiku, and of course, he writes the very best, really tremendous haiku. Here’s a sampling gleaned from the papers attached by little golf-ball magnets to the White House refrigerator:

The Trump guide to celebrating holidays. Bigly.

With the confluence of two major religious holidays this month, it’s been a difficult few weeks for 45 and The Gang that Couldn’t Speak Straight. First, Press Secretary and one-time Easter Bunny Sean Spicer suggested, during Passover, that Hitler had not used chemical weapons on his own people, seemingly forgetting the millions of Jews who […]

My inbox runneth over

The Democratic National Committee needs my help. Keith Ellison, the deputy chair of the committee, e-mailed me today to tell me so. “So I’m gonna ask you for a favor,” he writes.  “Tomorrow is the first quarterly deadline of 2017, and I want to make sure we give it everything we’ve got between now and […]

Why does he hate America?

An open letter to the 45th president of the United States Sir: Why do you hate America so much, when this country has been so good to you? What went wrong in your life to make you the mean-spirited, vindictive, bigoted creature you are today? You were born one of the most privileged humans on […]