Living and dying in Emoticon Nation

In Texas yesterday, a man walked into a Baptist church and killed 26 people with a semi-automatic rifle that my colleague Nathaniel Helms says most likely was a Ruger .223 cal., AR-556, “obtained almost anywhere good guns are sold.” And what did Americans do? Some cried:   Some prayed: Some prayed a lot: Some cried […]

Trick or treat!!!

I remember Halloweens past when I’d dress up in a skeleton suit and go door-to-door with my sister, shouting “Trick or Treat” at the door to every house on our street. Our next-door neighbor, Mrs. Humphries, would give us gooey, sticky popcorn balls wrapped in wax paper, the kind of homemade treat you probably won’t […]

Trump’s big problem with words

I don’t like being out of step with my left-leaning cohorts here at The Shinbone Star, but this whole Donald-Trump-and-the-Green-Beret thing has left me feeling queasy. Look, I’ve bashed the bejesus out of the Orange Shitstain right along with the best of ‘em, and while I’d dearly love to keep right on bashing him, this […]

With Trumpers, there is no joy in Mudville

I do my best to avoid social interactions with Trumpers in the workplace. When I talk to them at all, it’s usually about job-related issues that must be addressed. Idle chit-chat is usually kept to a minimum, not much more than hellos and goodbyes. Yesterday, however, I let down my guard because the chit-chat was […]

Donald J. Trump has GOT to go!

* Contains strong language, reader discretion is advised. I’m not a big fan of Twitter. Yes, we here at The Shinbone Star have a Twitter account, and there’s no denying that it helps us get our material out to the masses. Still not a fan. I guess I’m just an old-fashioned guy. There’s the side […]