Positively beautiful!

As I sit pondering just how low I can go with news that the Marmalade Messiah and a goodly number of his retinue have tested positive for coronavirus, the internet is rife with rumor that the whole thing could be another Trump Trick, a Republican Hoax, an Escape Plan. And that’s it, my friends, a […]

NEWS FLASH! Trump enabler Steve Bannon indicted!

We interrupt this program to bring you the important news that Trump whisperer Steven K. Bannon has been arrested and charged with two counts of fraud for his role in collecting more than $25 million from deluded MAGATs who thought they were helping to “Build a Wall” between the United States and Mexico. Bannon, sort […]


Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden just named his choice for Vice President, and it’s Sen. Kamala Harris, (D-Cal.). She carved up Donald Trump’s personal attorney (otherwise known as the U.S. attorney general) like a Christmas turkey at his confirmation hearing, and likely will do the same for Vice President Mike Pence, who undoubtedly just […]

Into the abyss of unacceptability

Sometimes you get advice you know is good but just can’t follow because you’re a special kind of asshole. That would describe me, and it’s the reason why I can’t just look the other way when I see stupid people doing evil, stupid things. No doubt my life would be easier if I loved my […]

Is it treason yet?

Our sister paper, The Failing New York Times, reported late yesterday that President Donald Trump was briefed back in February that Russian President Vladimir Putin had placed a cash bounty on as many American service members as Taliban forces in Afghanistan could kill. Smart money says that three United States Marines were killed as part […]

Grab your ankles, Trump and Miller

Strike up the band! Supreme Court rules Donnie and his band of Nazis can’t end DACA program So much . . . losing! After the Supreme Court handed the Führer a defeat earlier this week by ruling that gay and transgender Americans are protected in the workplace by a 1960s civil rights law, the Supremes […]