Let’s see how Republicans will tap dance their way out of this one

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please scroll to the end of this story for important messages concerning the Buzzfeed report that is referenced below. We don’t typically cover breaking news stories here at The Shinbone Star, relying instead on sister publications with deeper pockets to handle the investigative stuff while we do the insightful, no-holds-barred commentary. But this morning’s […]


Editor’s Note: This offering — the first of two planned for today — is the 900th post published by The Shinbone Star. We’re proud of our anti-Trump record, and thank you for your support. * * * Like the old axiom about needing to step on a cockroach twice because the first crunch you hear is […]

Death on the Border

Like many Americans, I don’t know a lot about Guatemala. Of course there’s this fine cup of coffee I’m sipping, freshly ground beans from Guatemala that had less trouble crossing the border than some 7-year-old girl who had to die to get my attention. Fact is, I don’t know a lot about Honduras, El Salvador, […]

Dear Little Brown Girl

Dear Little Brown Girl: Sorry, kid, you should have been born Norwegian. With blonde hair, blue eyes and a lighter complexion — you know, Aryan good looks like Ivanka’s — President Donald Trump would have welcomed you with open arms. Instead, you got the tear gas. Not coming from a “shithole country” certainly has its […]