It’s time to admit defeat

As I lay in bed last night, thinking about my country and sinking into that soft spot between grave doubt and utter despair, I fielded one last text message while waiting for sleep to take hold. It was Shinbone Star reporter Gaynell Terrell with a question about penises. Gaynell was busy writing a post about […]

Living and dying in Emoticon Nation

In Texas yesterday, a man walked into a Baptist church and killed 26 people with a semi-automatic rifle that my colleague Nathaniel Helms says most likely was a Ruger .223 cal., AR-556, “obtained almost anywhere good guns are sold.” And what did Americans do? Some cried:   Some prayed: Some prayed a lot: Some cried […]

Trick or treat!!!

I remember Halloweens past when I’d dress up in a skeleton suit and go door-to-door with my sister, shouting “Trick or Treat” at the door to every house on our street. Our next-door neighbor, Mrs. Humphries, would give us gooey, sticky popcorn balls wrapped in wax paper, the kind of homemade treat you probably won’t […]