What we know . . .

We here at The Shinbone Star like to give credit where credit is due, and that’s why we’re not going to rehash everything our sister paper (and to be fair, other media outlets not named Fox) reported last night and this morning about the FBI exercising a search warrant at the home of former President Donald Trump.

No, we’re not going to write all that because we trust that our readers will have already gotten the news and are probably a little hungover this morning after your wild celebrations and champagne toasts.


Instead, we’re just going to smugly point out (in headline type) what we’ve been saying all along:

Trump, guilty in 2016
Trump, guilty in 2017
Trump, guilty in 2018
Trump, guilty in 2019
Trump, guilty in 2020
Trump, guilty in 2021
Trump, still guilty in 2022

What, exactly, did the FBI find yesterday? Does it matter? Remember, we already know the fucker is guilty.

The only questions that remain:

  • Will the Republican Party abandon their Marmalade Messiah or will it stick with him after he somehow wiggles off the hook like he’s done so many times before?
  • Will a large segment of the U.S. population ignore the Rule of Law and actively aid and abet this criminal who is so clearly guilty?
  • Finally, will widespread and continued support for Trump end our democracy and bring our country to the brink of a 21st Century civil war?

All that stuff about every man deserving a fair trial sounds great, and I guess we wouldn’t be very good Americans if we didn’t believe it, but c’mon, really, you’ve seen Trump’s act for this many years, and of course we know he’s guilty, we just don’t know the charge that might finally stick. And the funny thing, the really hilarious thing: They have always known that he’s guilty, too. What it really comes down to is whether enough of those people actually give a shit.

If, as some pundits are speculating, Trump’s mishandling of classified documents results in a criminal charge and conviction that prevents him from ever again holding public office, how will his army of dangerous, armed thugs respond, and how would the U.S. government respond to another uprising?

As they say, history is written by the victors, so it remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will end his days as a pariah or a martyr and crusader.

And that’s the last really big thing we need to know.


2 thoughts on “What we know . . .

    1. They will indeed. Down ballot Democrats better keep an eye out for assassins while on the campaign trail. Trump’s armed thugs won’t take this lying down, and the ones with an extra brain cell might have learned from past mistakes about telegraphing their plans on the internet.


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