A Christmas Miracle!

A small but significant Christmas miracle recently happened on Friday. The magazine Christianity Today published an op-ed that said Trump should be removed from office. It seems like the Evangelicals denounced their quasi-prophet, and boy, what a denouncement it was! Yes, the very same people who claimed with absolute certainty and not an ounce of shame, […]

The Wannabe Don & the GOP Mafia

It’s a new week and a new opportunity for Don Juan De-Farce-O to show us he cares even just a fraction about his country and democracy. Of course this is a fantasy not unlike the one Trumpster has of being the biggest mob boss ever. There are many references being made about the man with […]

Memorial Day, MAGA-style!

America’s Memorial Day weekend just passed and I keep coming back to the same question: How can “Christian” politicians like Vice President Mike Pence and supporters of President Donald Trump honour service members who lost their lives or survived horrific tours of duty in the name of freedom, liberty, democracy while the man they elected president […]

Meanwhile, In Canada . . .

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration most Americans and many of our fellow global citizens have taken their need for new, noble and sometimes Instagram-worthy world leaders to a desperate level. I say desperate because as a Canadian I have watched most of the world swoon over our pompous Prime Minister in ways I could only call […]