The whole enchilada

We’ve just about covered all the bases here at The Shinbone Star when it comes to Donald Trump and Trumpism. Still, even after 1,284 posts, new subject matter keeps rolling in. Like, for instance, enchiladas. Yes, we’ve touched on the Trumpian “taco bowls” that are served at the edifice in Midtown Manhattan that bears Trump’s […]

A Trump lexicon: All the best words

It’s not like Donald Trump has given us nothing. In fact he’s greatly enriched our vocabulary, with new words and phrases like yuge, bigly, covfefe, fire and fury, foistered, infantroopen (infantryman badge), heroilynn (heroin), susbesdig, deligitimatize, resaption, pivittible, and many, many more. They’re all Trumpisms, if you will, and thanks to Trump, they’re all unique […]

‘Look what you made me do’

It is estimated that fewer than half of all incidents of domestic abuse go unreported by the victims, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey administered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. One possible reason is fear of retribution. The victim is worried about what their angry, resentful partner might do if they get arrested […]