The Mueller report: Providing America with a roadmap to impeachment

It is time to begin impeachment hearings against Trump, using the Mueller report as a roadmap.

Trump has committed so many impeachable offenses, it is hard to count them. But it is time to start. He has violated the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses of the Constitution. He has encouraged violence. He has undermined freedom of the press and created a hostile working environment for journalists. He has put immigrant children in cages. He has created a fake “national emergency” at the border, meanwhile ignoring real peril such as global climate change.

It is hard to imagine a more airtight case for impeachment right now, unless of course he were to fly to a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean and proceed to ignore his duties for the next six months. (Not a crime, but certainly impeachable.)

The Constitution demands that we impeach Trump. This citizen also demands that we impeach Trump.

Robin Dalmas, Redmond

8 thoughts on “The Mueller report: Providing America with a roadmap to impeachment

  1. Learning from history: If Trump is impeached, Pence will pardon him like Ford pardoned Nixon. Impeachment must include Pence for aiding and abetting Trumps and company’s crimes, McConnell for aiding and abetting plus voter suppression in the Senate. Senators should be allowed to vote on what bills they bring to the floor. Beyond that the whole Nazi Republican crowd of Trump family and organization should be tried by a Nuremberg type of cause of action for Treason in time of War, crimes against humanity, crimes against Democracy plus all the other crimes listed in the Mueller report. It can be done. His and his entire organizations monthly income and assets are a matter of public record. He legally belongs in Chapter Seven. Stop attacking the diversion. Think end run. Think why 2016 was chosen for the attack on American Democracy. 2016 is a very significant year in Bavaria related to the Nazis. Trump’s Grandfather was thrown out of Bavaria.

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  2. I want him charged with criminal activities. Impeaching is a political move. We can’t convict him until he is out…18 months from now.

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    1. Yes, Impeachment is a political move which applies to Pence, McConnell, and others. Pence will pardon Trump letting him get away with his long time criminal activities. Idea: While the impeachment is evolving, suggest studying the Trump bankruptcy cases where his income and assets are part of the public record on the required financial monthly report filings; a complete record of the financial activities of Trump and his organization. While both Trump and Pence are being impeached, additional criminal charges can be developed to add to the ones already found. A side issue may develop related to his being placed in Chapter Seven where all his assets must be sold off. That may be a path to criminal conviction.

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