A mob of unruly protesters has taken over the U.S. Capitol as senators and representatives debated the Electoral College vote confirming the election of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States.

The 45th president, meanwhile, sat in the Oval Office and watched the proceedings after egging on the protesters to make their feelings known about the democratic process taking place in the Capitol.

More coverage of this coup attempt and shameful day in American history as events develop.

With guns drawn, Capitol law enforcement officers attempt to prevent Trump protesters from entering the House chambers.
A Trump thug sits in the Senate president’s chair on the dais in the Senate chambers.

4 thoughts on “COUP ATTEMPT

  1. While the events of this afternoon are outrageous and horrific, they were also predictable. The Congress did nothing to censureTrump. They let his vitriol accelerate from gaslighting to his call to Georgia’s Secretary of State, to this. They are also, I believe, responsible.

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