‘Since Trump has been elected, these people have come out of hiding . . .’

EDITOR’S NOTE: When Shinbone Star artist and contributor Skye Hunter (not her real name) woke up last week to news of the massacre in New Zealand, she set down her thoughts on Facebook. It is reprinted here with her permission.


I woke up this morning and after my shower I went downstairs to get ready for the day. On “Eyewitness News,” the story broke in New Zealand of the mass shooting in two mosques. Listening to the broadcast, that carried over into “Good Morning America,” I was ANGRY. And for those that know what happened to me, you know why. 🤬🤬🤬

At this point, I don’t give a shit if anyone unfriends me. If you were truly my friend, you would know how events like this affect me. I just don’t understand WHY the fuck some are so damned scared of honest, hard-working people that look different than them, that worship different than them, that speak different language(s) than them. I don’t understand WHY the fuck some spread hatred and lies about these people when it’s THEM that is full of shit. And I don’t understand WHY the fuck some feel the need to protect those who have hatred in their hearts and stand by people who spew rhetoric meant to divide instead of heal.

Since Donald Trump has been elected to office, these people have come out of hiding, showing their real colors about how they really feel about people of different races, religions and sexual preferences. Some of these people have taken extreme measures, spreading hatred, violence and fear toward ANYONE who is different. Not everyone is doing these horrible things, but supporting those in office who are spreading lies, false truths and ignorance is only adding fuel to the already out of control fire.

Using religion as an excuse (well GOD wanted this man/woman/people in office IS BULLSHIT) is another thing that burns my toast. God created free will and the choices that so many people are making that are AGAINST their best interests and supporting hate-filled people is something that I cannot wrap my brain around. God would condemn what is happening in the world and what is happening to His children, since we are ALL His children.

These mass shootings/mass murders in the United States and around the world aren’t caused by “evil immigrants.” They are caused by extremist right-wing individuals who worship White Supremacists and who want nothing more than to destroy everyone who ISN’T white. And how do they want to do that??!?!? By being punk-ass bitches who use AUTOMATIC weapons and walk into places of worship to murder people in cold blood.

And then the “thoughts/prayers thing” will kick in AGAIN, how we shouldn’t talk about the regulation of guns or politicize the deaths of the victims or how we’ll just move on with our lives since it really doesn’t affect “me.” But one day it MIGHT. If not you, then maybe someone you know, someone you love, someone you care about. And by then, it will be too late. Platitudes won’t bring back the dead, only action can help prevent others from meeting the same fate.

Yes, by posting this, I am setting myself up for possible lampooning, but isn’t this what this platform is supposed to be? Letting people know what we think??? Maybe in the grand scheme of things that might not be a good idea.

Well, that’s my 2 cents. If you’re still my friend, great and thank you. If not, well, have a great life and I hope that your choices won’t affect your family for the worse. In the end, YOU have to be accountable for what and whom you believe in. And if you can look in the mirror and live with those choices, then more power to you. In the end, we will ALL be judged when we leave this life. Hope you’ll be prepared to answer for the choices you make.

4 thoughts on “‘Since Trump has been elected, these people have come out of hiding . . .’

  1. Well said. A sidelight: At Mass yesterday, our pastor, a native of Colombia, took as his sermon text the reading from St. Paul about being citizens of heaven, and expanded upon what citizenship means. He told a very funny and moving story about coming to study on a religious visa and being subjected to long lines at customs and long interrogations about whether he was smuggling cocaine. Then he got a green card and the lines were shorter and the questions fewer. Then he applied for US citizenship. And at this point, the woman behind me muttered “finally.” Really?

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