The Audacity of Hope

In defiance of COVID-19 safety protocols, President Trump waves to supporters in front of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as he took a joy ride Sunday with utter disregard for the Secret Service agents who had to drive him. — REUTERS PHOTO

When I heard that the POTUS and FLOTUS were diagnosed with COVID-19, did my mouth drop, did my hands cover my mouth as I stifled a good old fashioned belly laugh? Maybe. Did I instantly pray for God’s forgiveness for feeling joy at the misery of another human being? That’s possible. Did I simultaneously feel joy and repentance about 14 more times during the day? Chances are likely. 

Any American who is paying attention and not part of the Trump cult will tell you that this has been the most hellish four years in modern memory. He lost the popular vote, but won the Electoral College. He fanned the flames of racial discord with dog whistles to right-wing white supremacists to “stand by.” He virtually ignored and then mocked those trying to stay safe from a raging pandemic. He denied science, fact, decency, social norms, decorum, and basically made the United States a global laughingstock.

So yeah. It’s been hell. And then Hope Hicks gave Trump COVID. 

It is a rare opportunity when one can see Karma in full display. I’ve seen it before in small ways when someone cut me off in traffic and then were pulled over by a cop a few miles down the road. It’s satisfying. I gloat. I smile to myself as I pass them by. Sometimes there is justice. Sometimes God lets us see it in real time. It is normal human nature to seek justice and fairness. We love the underdog who overcomes the schoolyard bully. 

After nearly eight months of fighting COVID in the United States with confusing, haphazard regional attempts to gain control of a worsening pandemic, amid national leadership sowing conspiracy theories and misinformation about a virus that has killed over 200,000 Americans, the man in charge who mocked the rest of us is now hospitalized and likely fighting for his life. I hate that I have been put in a position to say “serves you right” because that is not my nature, but a bully is a bully. 

He has shown no mercy to the American people when it comes to this pandemic. His cronies withhold valuable stimulus money, giving money to the wealthy instead of to small business owners. They send our children back to school, putting teachers, children and their families at risk. Trump mocked mask-wearers, encouraged large gatherings of his sycophants and created super-spreader events. He downplayed the seriousness of COVID-19 and people have died. He secretly admitted that COVID was worse than Influenza, then peddled lies to the American people: “It’s going to disappear and I will be right.” 

I find myself feeling deep, seething anger. I am appalled. I am sickened. My job, my life’s work is all about the health and well-being of others. This man shit all over my life’s work. The lives of Americans. He shit on us. He mocked the very things, like masks, that would protect us and our families.  He mocked the science, the healthcare workers, the doctors. He laughed in our faces and breathed his plague all over his closest supporters, his inner circle. Dear God, it sickens me. 

Seeing instant Karma doesn’t really feel as good as I thought it would. I hate it. I wish he could have done the decent thing from the beginning. If he cared about us from the beginning, I would not have to look at myself in the mirror and say, “Are you as bad as he is?” Because I want to think I’m not. I want to think I am better, farther along in my faith, kinder, forgiving, merciful. I guess a little suffering never hurt anyone.

The last four years have been a lesson in suffering for most Americans. Maybe he will suffer just a little. I pray he will never feel the full suffering of the 200,000 Americans who died while on his watch.

18 thoughts on “The Audacity of Hope

  1. All the downplaying of the severity of The Virus, mocking of masks and other protective measures, trying to force states to reopen before it is safe… it is not merely stupidity and a failure of leadership… it is a DELIBERATE PLAN to create “Herd Immunity” across the Nation, killing MILLIONS of Americans in the process :

    Rachel Maddow talks about what the Ki45*TF Administration is actually DOING – not merely discussing – to deal with COVID… basically let… no, FORCE… the Virus to spread Unhindered through the Entire U.S. population to achieve “Herd Immunity”… or as Ki45*TF calls it, “Herd Mentality”…

    Rachel “Runs The Numbers” to show how many Americans that Ki45*TF Plans To Kill to “Achieve Herd Immunity”… “Best Case” over 2,000,000 DEAD… “Worst Case” over 6,000,000 DEAD…


  2. I have been hoping that Trump and all his followers get the virus, especially the ones carrying guns.
    My fear is that they have a mild case and come out and say “I told you it was nothing to worry about”
    Trump needs to to in the hospital fighting for his life and then maybe some of his cult followers may get the message and vote him out. Trump deserve life in prison for all his crimes. I hope that he recovers to face the music, death wouldn’t be a just punishment.

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    1. Ditto–that’s been my big worry, too. He can’t just shrug it off, because then the die-hard (no pun intended) followers will be like “okay, not so bad. Don’t even need to quarantine, really.” And there goes the ball game.

      I want to know when his 14 day quarantine’s gonna start, especially after that drive-by waving stunt. Should it start from the moment he got back in the hospital? Or as soon as he gets back in the White House? Will they even make him quarantine and how will that work out to make sure he does it right? I’m getting grayer and grayer hair just thinking about all the ways he’s gonna shoot himself in the foot.

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      1. 😂 he is such a clown. Worse than Pennywise. He won’t adhere to quarantine just like he hasn’t adhered to mask mandates, social distancing or taking any precautions to keep others safe. Thanks goodness for hair dye we are all a lot grayer from the past 4 years❤️

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  3. It is beyond deplorable. I cannot imagine how hard this is for the families who have lost loved ones to the virus. They must watch Him poke fun at those who have suffered through severe symptoms and complications related to Covid. It is disgusting to witness.

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      1. I saw a clip from The Damage Report and the host was just livid when he saw the “don’t be afraid” video. He talked about how some family members died from it and he was palpably furious. I’m sure the 200,000ish families out there who’ve had someone die from this aren’t gonna take it lightly.

        Dump’s on drugs, apparently the steroids are making him feel really freaking good and invincible. Even more than usual. Which is probably why he made the bonehead decision to basically hold us all hostage with refusing stimulus at this time. Ugh–get him into quarantine, and let’s get some truth about his health (and take that bloody phone away, or something).

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      2. Yes!! He sees fear as weak. Compassion as weak. Honesty as weak. Empathy as weak. Admitting when you are wrong as weak. Basically any human attribute that is not pure selfish desire as weak. Steroids are only taking away more inhibitions. Time to go, sir. Don’t let the door hit you in your ample ass.

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  4. what is so fitting is during the “debate” he mocked Biden about wearing masks all the time, and said he had one in his jacket but only wears it when he feels like he needs to, and Biden wears one all the time.
    And there’s criticism that Hope Hicks wore one sometimes in the office and she still got it, so they don’t work. One, it was SOMETIMES, and two, if NOBODY ELSE is wearing one, it’s only a matter of time before even a masked person will get it. Just needs one day they let their guard down.
    That’s the point they don’t wanna get, and it drives me nuts. If we all wear one, transmission will reduce drastically and viruses don’t do well when they can’t spread. And this one’s supposedly mutating.

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