Trump goes wah wah wah

Just when I thought there was nothing new to shake my head at regarding our unstable president, along came last week’s Saturday Night Live on NBC-TV.

Any comic material about Donald Trump seems to write itself, but the show delivered a brilliant parody of Trump declaring a state of emergency for a wall on the Mexican border. The genius of it was that it was so close to the president’s real actions and reactions at last week’s news conference.

From Trump’s childish tantrums against the media, to his pathetic request for a Nobel Peace Prize (Obama got one. Why not me?), Alec Baldwin’s impersonation was spot on. That includes Trump’s habit of rambling, exaggerating, and concocting numbers that he pulls out of the air.

He claimed to be 6’7″ tall and 185 pounds of “shredded” fat. Next, he said he looked forward to meeting North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, a “very cool, misunderstood guy” who invited Trump to a “dinner for schmucks.”

Praise, too, for the ensemble cast playing news reporters. They looked as real reporters do these days. They often have a steel yet unsettled persona when asking questions, and utter bafflement as Trump spews lie after lie after lie.

As Trump, Baldwin demanded that a reporter sit down and shut up for challenging him, which really happened. The reporter refused. The “real” Trump often treats reporters and others as misbehaved children when, to restate the obvious, the infantile leader of the free world is the one out of control.

The skit rankled the real Trump, who tweeted soon after the broadcast that it wasn’t funny, represented “real collusion” and that it was a “Republican hit job,” worthy of “retribution.”

Baldwin shot back yesterday on Twitter, asking if Trump meant real harm to him and his family with the mention of retribution.

The thing about delusions, especially a long-held one, is that those who hold them don’t like the threat of being exposed. They become defensive and indignant when challenged on their delusions. Liars also are prone to frequent meltdowns if someone contradicts them. (Think “Psycho’s” Norman Bates. When, for a sliver of a moment, it occurs to him that his dead mother really is dead, he resorts to bloody homicide to keep intact the fantasy world in which he lives.)

Trump has threatened to sue NBC and Baldwin over the 11-minute sketch, which continues to receive rave reviews.

Speaking of lawsuits, Baldwin (as Trump) mocked the president’s whining over court battles that are sure to ensue, coming so amazingly close to the president’s pathological arrogance and this deliberately inflected diatribe that it was scary:

“The ruling will not go in my favor.
“And then I’ll end up in the Supreme Court.
“And then I’ll call my buddy Kavanaugh.
“And I’ll say it’s time to repay the Donnie.
“And he’ll say, ‘New phone, who dis?’ ”

Baldwin, who has said he doesn’t want to play the president anymore, ended beautifully, saying he knows the Mueller investigation will end soon and crumble “my house of cards.” He promised to plead insanity, spend six months in the puzzle factory, and that then, “my personal hell of playing president will finally be over.”

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